Using the Yoomy system

Installing the Facebook Job App with the Yoomy system

You are just a few steps away from using the Facebook Job App. It's actually very easy to install the App. First go to the Facebook Job App Page on Facebook. Once you are on the page, simply click on install.

Start Installing

5 easy steps to install the Facebook Job App

Step 1. Create a Yoomy account or login

Yoomy offers our customers to install the Job App and post vacancies using the Yoomy system.

Step 2a. Login with your Yoomy account
If you do have a Yoomy account, simply login using your e-mail and password. If you do not have a Yoomy account go to step 2b

Step 2b. Create a Yoomy Account
Fill out the the registration form and we will send you your password by email.

Step 3. Edit layout
With the Facebook Job App you can easily adjust the layout to either your own corporate style or one of our designed templates. With the layout editor you can simply adjust your header, the background colour, font colours and default search country.

Step 4. Price overview
In the price overview you will find the prices based upon the amount of posted job ads.

Step 5. Publish Facebook Job App
In the final step you can select a page on which the Job App should be installed. Simply click on "add Facebook Job App." Once you have clicked on the button the Job App will be installed on the selected Facebook page and your job ads will be visible to more than 1 billion people.