Social recruitment in the construction industry

Social recruitment in the construction industry

November 25, 2013
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Many companies use social media for different business purposes, like marketing or webcure. Nowadays companies also use social media to recruit candidates. For many companies it is a piece of cake, like or Starbucks. But what about the less popular industries like construction?

The Construction Marketing Association revealed new data with regards to social recruitment. We know that is a very difficult industry to recruit new candidates. But we were very pleased when we saw the results of this research.

We assumed that not many construction professionals use social media in recruitment. However, we were wrong, because 97% use social media in their recruitment policy. In contrast to 2012, 90%  used social media for recruiting. Moreover, 93% said that social media is managed internally.

Which channels  do they mainly use?

As you can see in the graph above especially LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are very popular in this industry for recruiting candidates. YouTube also scores high with 68%. Video recruiting works apparently very well in this industry.

This research also showed that LinkedIn and Twitter were most effective in recruiting candidates. Facebook on the other hand was least effective. We know that it has to do with an improper Facebook recruiting strategy. Because Facebook is the biggest social media channel in the world and has other advantages with respect to LinkedIn and Twitter. For more information about a good Facebook strategy you can contact us!

This research showed that Facebook was the least effective in recruiting staff. We have another opinion of  that,  Facebook is very useful in recruiting staff. You can reach a lot of candidates, you can advertise on Facebook, you can interact with potential candidates and you can put all your job ads on Facebook. But there are more reasons why Facebook is important in social recruitment:

  • More than 85% internet users have a Facebook account
  • 74% of internet users use Facebook daily
  • More than 40% of people have mentioned a brand in their status update or shared a link, video of story.
  • 84% of job seekers have a Facebook account
  • Almost 50% of all job seekers have looked for a job on Facebook

As you can see in the facts above, Facebook plays an important role in your social recruitment policy. The Facebook Job App makes it easy for you to start with Facebook recruitment. With this App you can put all your vacancies in one overview. In essence, the App can  be seen as a personal job board on your Facebook company page you the possibility to profile your job. It offers the same functionality as on a regular career website.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us by sending an email or contact our support team.

Source: Construction Marketing Association