Another social recruitment research. We love it!

Another social recruitment research. We love it!

December 11, 2013
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This research was carried out by KellyOCG under 120.000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. KellyOCG is a global leader in innovative talent management solutions. Topics covered in the 2013 KGWI survey include:

•  Career Development and Upskilling
•  Workplace Performance
•  Employee Engagement and Retention
•  Social Media and Technology

The last bullet point is the biggest development in the world of recruitment. Therefore we only talk about this subject.

Social media has made it easy to pass on information and insights about employment opportunities. Tapping into people’s social networks vastly expands the pool of possible job candidates. It also makes the job-search exercise less of a private pursuit and more of a shared experience. The power and the speed of this transformation is having a significant impact on recruiting techniques, but is sometimes overlooked by managers and employers.

1. Candidates who have been approached by an employee

The interesting part of this research, is that you can see differences between the regions. In the graph below you can see the results of the respondents who have been approached about a potential job opportunity.


As you can see, the companies in the APAC region have contacted more candidates relatively through social media. In the EMEA regions this percentage is much lower.

2. Value of social media when it comes to job referral

According to this research, job referral plays an important role in social recruiting. It is a good method of providing friends/colleagues with job referrals or job opportunities! Globally, more than fifty percent (53%) say that they agree or strongly agree that social media is a good method of providing job referrals and job opportunities among friends and colleagues.

3. Use of social media for job targeting ( skills )

In the next graph you see which candidates with specific skill have been approached through social media. This is very interesting, because this shows which jobs are very popular in social recruiting. We will show you the top 10 popular jobs.


According to this research, candidates with marketing skills, are most likely to be approached by a potential employee.

4. Use of social media for to find a job

However, do candidates use social media to find a job? Yes they do! Many candidates prefer social media with respect to traditional online job boards, newspaper advertisements and recruitment companies. A total of 40% of the global respondents say that they are now more inclined to search for jobs through social media than through traditional methods, including newspaper advertisements, online job boards or recruitment companies. The APAC region has the highest percentage, namely 56% and  the EMEA region as the lowest percentage, namely 32%.

5. Job secured via social media

Is social media really helpful in recruiting new candidates? Yes it is, because globally 16% of respondents say that within the previous year, they had gained a new job opportunity that originated through social media. In the APAC regions the percentage is the highest, namely 25%. In the EMEA regions the percentage is the lowest with 11%. However, we think this percentage will grow in the coming years, because Europe is always a step behind in respect to the APAC region and Americas.


Social media in recruitment has altered the way people search for and communicate about work. It’s emergence is opening up a plethora of connections where people are willing and able to share information, views, encouragement, and even alerts about prospective job opportunities.

As you can see in the graphs and in the whole research, social media plays an important role in the world of recruiting. The countries in the APAC region are a step ahead of the European countries, but we are following!

Source: KellyOCG